About Cyberity

Promote and Deliver
Integrated and
Standardized Solutions

Cyberity is a leading distributor in the Middle East and Africa that offers a wide range of integrated services and solutions

Cyberity offers consultancy services for businesses that rely, or wishing to integrate information technology in their internal operation, or to support the services they offer to their clients.



We understand the customer unique and specific requirements to provide suitable solutions.



We customized services for dealers, vendors and customers  according to there needs and in limited time.



We work with the most leading worldwide manufacturers and offer a wide range of equipments and products.



We offer top-notch equipments and products from our international vendors.

Company Values

We will do the right thing to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied.

We are committed to our clients and their success, keen to ensure that we deliver the highest value to fulfill their objectives.

We demonstrate our proficiency throughout our work ethic, strategic thinking, adopting best practices, and demonstrating sincere respect.

We understand the importance of close coordination and communication with our clients, and will work diligently to ensure proper planning and implementation.

We challenge the status quo, solve problems in new ways, and provide thought leadership in our scope. We are willing to take risks to maintain the creative edge.

We will treat all of your information, data, agreements, and everything related to your business in a top-secret classification manner, and we will protect your confidentiality in the way that complies to your standards.

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